Paguera 02/09

Clinica Veterinaria Paguera is proud to inform our esteemed clients that as of the month of March 2009 we will be offering a new grooming service for your beloved family members. This will be occurring in a dedicated space by hand of a professional groomer with 20 years experience with in the practice premises.

As an added service to continue and maintain our standards, we will be including in the grooming price a free veterinary health check, this will comprise teeth, ears, eyes, skin, chest and heart examination all for the same price. Should a condition be encountered you will have the privilege of receiving treatment by our vets at no extra charge giving you good value service for your money

On top of this service we will also be offering a further 10% discount on yearly booster vaccinations for every 5 visits to the groomer in 1 calendar year.

As a further cherry on the cake, we are currently offering a further 10% discount on any Royal Canine diet food you may purchase at the practice.

Once again we look forward to seeing you at our new grooming parlour soon and provide you with our dedicated professionalism as always.

Paguera 02/09

Since we know how important is for you the health of your pet and the possibility of providing a healthy, balanced and good quality food, we are pleased to offer you the chance to choose between an immediate and direct 10% discount in every single pack of the brand Royal Canin and Hills or a 5+1 in all the selection of dry and wet food of Royal Canin.
We deliver at home without an additional cost.

Paguera 05/09

We would also like to inform you that we have two parking spaces at your disposal in the parking space behind the clinic.

You will recognize our parking spaces because we have placed a sign of Clinica Veterinaria Paguera.

Regarding your elder pets health we are now offering our clients a special Elderly general health check.

For more information, please do not hesitate to ask for further information.

Paguera 01/11

Bring your pet for a bath treatment to our grooming parlour in Paguera and get ONE MONTH FREE FLEA AND TICK TREATMENT. Offer valid untill the end of March 2011.